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Anti-Gravity Flip School Camp (Aug 19-23, 2024)

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Campers joining us this week can learn to re-utilize the trampolines, slacklines and mats they have at home that they may have lost touch with using. Our Anti-Gravity Flip School will take their tumbling, twisting and tricking skills and help them learn to practice them safely and progress to the next level. 

Your child will utilize our in-house trampolines, 20' AirTricks mat, our foam pit, our harness/pulley self-spotting rigs and rope assisted spotting rigs to better understand, feel and break down the progressions to tumbles, flips, twists and tricks to safely and successfully continue their airborne pursuits. 

We are super excited to have our in-house competitive trampoline and slacklines to be able to introduce your children to so many things they can do on these that they have yet to uncover. We will spend many moments in the sunshine outdoors as well with both of these mobile apparatuses.

We will also focus on both inversion training, breakdance training and barstarrz skills to have them learn to incorporate flare using the ground as well as on bars for future bodyweight workouts.

At the end of the week, they will put on a trick show for the parents to display their improvement after a week of high-intensity, fun training. 

*Payment Plan Option :  If for the Summer Camps you require a payment plan for multiple camps please email us directly to set up. We will take out the spots for your child(ren) and arrange via e-transfer a feasible pay amount and schedule for you. 

Contact : timminsfa@gmail.com




What you get with a Timmins Fitness Alternatives Centre for Unforgettable Experiences Summer Camps :

-Guaranteed daily dose of physical activity that your child will love.

-Skills development programs and training throughout the week.

-Minimum 2 hours of Ministry of Education recommended outdoors time, weather permitting (we are neighbouring Gillies Lake and Hollinger Park).

-Registered Early Childhood Educator assisted programming and supervision.

-A weekly outdoors field trip to surrounding adventures.

-Every camp will end with a showcase for parents on the last day.

* PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A BAGGED LUNCH POLICY (bring snacks and a lunch for each day).*

Daily Schedule - 9am to 4pm :

9 am - Welcome

9:15 am - 1st Activity

10:30 am - Snack

11:00 am - 2nd Activity (Outdoors weather permitting)

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - 3rd Activity (Outdoors weather permitting)

2:30 pm - 4th activity

3:45 pm - Clean up

4:00pm - Goodbye


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