This is us in a barely scratched surface nutshell. 🤔 
Many ask what exactly we do. Sometimes a simple answer is hard to give!

We are so lucky to have Oksana Semerneva offer high level pole fitness instruction and optimal performance stretch training to our community.  

When people see Aerial Silks, they don’t always understand the tricking potential that this apparatus holds 🤸🏼‍♂️It is not an easy discipline but can be quite a rewarding exploration!!!
Experience our unique amazing race hide and seek spy experience! A Real life spy game throughout Timmins against 25-100 players 🕵️‍♂️:
A huge thank you to Play Project for making time to fly to our City and for sharing your wisdom! During the Coach Development Training our Parkour coaches have discovered newfound skills and are equipped with new resources, spotting techniques and progressions to help bring our program to the next level. There is so much to learn and many opportunities ahead for our Parkour students!!!
PA Days...30 children ages 5-12, staying 9am-4pm?!? You betcha we’re starting with a warm up to burn some of their energy 🔥TFA gets children and adults moving in ways you couldn’t imagine. Only way is to sign up for something and reap the benefits 🤪.
Why a TFA summer camp? 🧟‍♂️
We’re in it for your children. Our staff always puts in the energy, creativity and care to turn their week of unforgettable experiences into friendships, memories and newfound capabilities that grow way beyond the camp.
Timmins Fitness Alternatives is bringing the freedom in play back to both children and adults!
At TFA we aren’t afraid of a little hard work and extra effort to bring unforgettable experiences. You'll spot us on the play structures as much as the children during park outings for our  Summer Camps or PA Days. 
Dangerous things carefully. We've often been told our plethora of unforgettable experiences provide this exact learning environment. These children went from being scared, wanting our help the whole way to the top to independently climbing up the warped wall and helping one another.
Can’t wait to see what they conquer next 🤗.
We try to do fitness differently. Play, fun and laughs are why people look forward to their next visit to our programs. We cater to young and old with fitness options on land, in the air and both in and below the water. 
Check out our CTV spotlight on the benefits of Risky Play exploration in a safe environment!
Did you know? We host giant sleepover events. A very unique experience for children to sleep on crash mats, foam cube beds and aerial hammocks amongst up to 30 newfound friends. We theme the activities of the night to things they love such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Harry Potter, Roblox and much more!
Drape Flight is our unique twist on flying pole and aerial silks, allowing a tarzan-esque experience of flight between these two moving apparatuses.
Our Tot's Swing N' Sway experience is one-of-a-kind. The ultimate toddler playdate as they run with a bungee tether; attempting to knock pins or play catch with you, or choose to raise them up and let the fly! We also have adult bungee classes to bring the ultimate adult jolly jumper experience.
Cirque De Timmins Summer Camp :
Campers join us this week for a simulated audition scenario and see if they have what it takes to be in a Circus.
Northern Gladiator Gameshow Camp :
We utilize our Ninja Warrior facility in order to train campers in various ninja skills to simulate what they would face in an "American Gladiator" TV Gameshow. They face personal goals, each other and the gladiator coaches. 
 Zombie Apocalypse and Wilderness Survival Camp :
Watch out while you visit our facility a Zombie Apocalypse has been unleashed and campers are held up with a group of survivors who have much to teach them. Your children will be taught survival skills indoors then put them to practice outside for supply runs and scout missions. 
Mission Impossible Stunt Training Camp :
Your secret agent children will be trained to expect the unexpected and will work together to complete missions and earn their stripes.
Anti-Gravity Flip School Camp : 
Campers learn to utilize the trampolines, slacklines and mats at home they may have lost touch with using. We take their tumbling, twisting and tricking skills and help them learn to practice them safely and progress to the next level. 
Aerial Arts Exploration Camp :
Campers are encouraged to reach for the sky to help them realize they are much braver than they think. We want them to feel the wellness benefits that aerial arts have been proven to bring on the mind and body. 
Wacky Sports From Around The World Camp :
Here we enjoy the sillier side of sports and will have a blast trying new things! The world is filled with wacky sports and your child will join us as we explore a handful of them. 
A place to explore new things, have fun, work hard and be creative!
You won't recognize this facility as you walk through our doors. A lot of work has been put in to make this new space unrecognizable. 

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