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Northern Gladiator Gameshow Camp (July 31- August 4 2023)

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We utilize our Ninja Warrior facility in order to train campers in various ninja skills to simulate what they would face in an "American Gladiator" TV Gameshow. It is said a ninja can conquer any terrain, and our Ninja Warrior campers live up to that challenge in a program that teaches balance, physical conditioning and problem solving skills. 

We then place them against our staff TFA Gladiators to test their honed ninja skills and give them the chance to gain points for their team. The gameshow will take them from gladiator jousts over our in-house foam pit, to races across the 30' long truss to get passed blockades of Gladiators, to our ArtAttack speed life-sized craft competitions, to outdoor search and recovery or timed feats against our fellow gladiators across fields of challenges and so much more. The campers will learn to band together in order to maximize points and overcome the toughest challenges. Of course all this will be done with appropriate padding in the environments and on participants. 

At the end of the week, parents will be invited to the finals of the Gladiator Competition where each camper can show off what they are capable of.




What you get with a Timmins Fitness Alternatives Centre for Unforgettable Experiences Summer Camps :

-Guaranteed daily dose of physical activity that your child will love.

-Skills development programs and training throughout the week.

-Minimum 2 hours of Ministry of Education recommended outdoors time, weather permitting (we are neighbouring Gillies Lake and Hollinger Park).

-Registered Early Childhood Educator assisted programming and supervision.

-A weekly outdoors field trip to surrounding adventures.

-Every camp will end with a showcase for parents on the last day.

* PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A BAGGED LUNCH POLICY (bring snacks and a lunch for each day).*

Daily Schedule - 9am to 4pm :

9 am - Welcome

9:15 am - 1st Activity

10:30 am - Snack

11:00 am - 2nd Activity (Outdoors weather permitting)

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - 3rd Activity (Outdoors weather permitting)

2:30 pm - 4th activity

3:45 pm - Clean up

4:00pm - Goodbye


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