Drop-In Class : Calisthenics (Teens)

Length : 1 Hour
Runs: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00PM

Calisthenics - What to expect?
It is an art form of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability. We will assess the participant to cater best their needs. Calisthenics is designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and aerobic conditioning - just about every skill you need to be a fit human being.

We will work on improving all around strength, endurance, core power and balance. Through grip training, calisthenics feats (working towards pull ups, muscle ups, levers, pull overs, spins, human flags, planches), inversion flare and to undertake various bar tricks. 

No weights, no problem! We’ll show you how to use the most of your environment to maximize your potential. You’ll understand the use of elevated surfaces to change the angle of exercises, increasing the percentage of bodyweight that you're lifting. You’ll grasp the use of vertical surfaces (i.e. walls and poles) to challenge your body in new ways, and recruit your core like you wouldn't believe. We’ll go faster, slower, longer, upside down, or increase your range of motion to keep provoking physical and mental adaptations.
Please Note :
We reserve the right to put a child on probationary trial or remove them from the class if they are disturbing the lesson, are not giving effort in the class or being unsafe on the bars.
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