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Zombie Haunt Event for Youth

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Join us Sunday October 29th to make this a Halloween your children will cherish!

We've got the undead staff eager to give your children a memorable hour of teamwork, strategic gameplay, some screams and laughs and a 50 minute Halloween event to look forward to. This is not a Haunted House or Spook Walk. We take your children for an hour of Zombie Apocalypse fun.

5-7 year olds will enter the scary part of the Minecraft world.

8-10 year olds and 11+ a hard mode zombie apocalypse experience.

They will work together to build shelters and make allies in order to survive what's to come. Our costumed zombies put them through an apocalyptic supply run where they try to navigate through the chaos and be the leading team. We also incorporate a Minecraft survival game for them to avoid the zombies, creepers, endermen and skeletons that roam the dark facility.

Parents are welcome to watch and see the fun or leave them with us and pick them up within the hour. We have 3 age groups catered in order to shift the intensity of horror to be friendlier for the little ones. Each child will leave with a candy goody bag and memories of this unforgettable experiences.


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