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Spartan Bootcamp - Obstacle Course Conditioning

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Schedule (7 week session) :
Week of September 19th to November 2nd 

- Spartan Bootcamp (Adults) on Thursdays from 8:00-9:00PM

Price : 
- Spartan Pass ($210 Tax In)
- Spartan Part-Time Pass, Up to 4 Classes ($140 Tax In)

Difficulty : Moderate

Are you competing in an upcoming Spartan race or similar marathon obstacle course? We have the specialized equipment and obstacle course professionals to help you improve technique and strength to face them.

On top of bodyweight/Calisthenics conditioning, these classes will train you in Spartan specific challenges such as rope climbing, cargo nets, vertical traverses (Olympus style), crossing multi-rig obstacle courses, balance traverse training, bender climb, walls, warp walls and more.

We have a 7 week or part-time option (up to 4 times in the series) for the convenience of your training availability. All levels are welcome and will be offered adaptable training. 


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