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Parkour Classes and/or Flips & Tricks Class

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Tuesday Schedule (6 week session) :
Week of November 14th to December 19th

- Parkour (Ages 6-9 & 10+ years) on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00PM 
Friday Group Schedule (6 week session) :
Week of November 17th to December 22nd 

- Parkour Tricks & Flips (ages 9+) on Fridays from 5:00-6:00PM

Price : 
- Junior/Senior Parkour ($180 tax in)
- Flips & Tricks ($120 tax in if also registered in a Parkour class or $180 tax in if solely in this class)


Difficulty : Moderate

Parkour is the sport of moving along a route, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest, safest, and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running.

We take it back to the basics of building the fundamental muscles needed to slow down movements, control them and add FLARE. Students are taught or retested to prevent injuries on day 1 by learning to safely land, roll, & fall in the real world.

Utilizing our new foam pit, air tricks mat and various new environmental obstacles your child's skills will be challenged every time they visit their new home for PARKOUR!  

ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES - As they progress through programs they will be tested and may move into our Advanced Freestyle programs, tryout for our competitive team.


As the Parkour Leagues are running National Competitions in the Winter, the next parkour competitions will only begin in the Winter season. In the meantime we have our FLIPS & TRICKS CLASS that is open to any youth aged 9+ wanting serious progressive acrobatic improvement of flipping and twisting skills on land and off of objects/walls to help prepare them for competition or their own tricking. 
COMPETITIVE TEAM NOTE - We invite both our Junior and Senior students who have the focus, endurance and dedication to building their strength to apply to our competitive team in the Winter. Parents please email us at timminsfa@gmail.com with your child's name and to express their interest. We know your children by now to know if they are either ready or they can confirm to us they will be ready to work hard, listen and not hinder on the other comp students. We plan to bring our team to compete in Winter and Spring of this upcoming year. 


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