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Outdoor Parkour for Adults

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We are running an outdoor program this Fall to adults to learn how to navigate and interact in safe Parkour manners with our local environment. 

Indoor/Outdoor Parkour Schedule:
Week 1 : Riverside Participark
Week 2 : McIntyre Lion's Club Park (Schumacher)
Week 3 : Mountjoy Arena/St-Dominique
Week 4 : Timmins Skate Park (Porcupine) 
Week 5 : Hollinger Park
Week 6 : Kenneth Cres, Park (100 Kenneth Cres. (Porcupine))
Week 7 : Hersey Lake
*adults are expected to meet on time at the weekly scheduled location.

Schedule (7 week session) :
Week of September 10th to October 29th ** NO CLASSES ON OCT 31st

- Parkour for Adults on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00PM 
Price : 

Parkour for Adults on Mondays ($210 Tax In)

- Adults Part-Time Parkour Pass, Up To 4 Drop-Ins ($120 Tax In)


We will help you explore three disciplines of movement together: Parkour, Ninja, and Calisthenics.

Classes will merge these areas of fitness together to help you conquer any obstacles in your way as well as develop strength and mastery of your own body. You choose if flipping, climbing, swinging, hanging, bar skills, parkour runs or simple bodyweight mastery is your goal and we will help you work towards it. For adults with children this is also a great option to learn how to play with them at the park or anywhere outdoors!



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