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Aerial Silks, Hoop and/or Acrobatics Performance & Competitive Programs

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We want to offer our Aerial and Acrobatics students opportunities to perform, showcase their talent and even compete across the Country. 

We are offering 3 performance classes with the goal to create acts in :

- Aerial Silks

- Aerial Hoop 

- Acrobatics

Which will be performed at our end of the year "Dinner and a Showcase" in the Spring as well as offer these students various competitions they can go to throughout the year with these acts. This is for serious, dedicated individuals ready to put in the work to create incredible things. 


Friday Group Schedule (9 week session) :
From January 12th to March 8th 

- Youth Performance & Competition Aerial Silks Class (Approved Youth) on Fridays from 6:00-7:30PM

- Youth Performance & Competition Acrobatics/Partner Acrobatics Class (Approved Youth) on Fridays from 7:00-8:30PM

Tuesday Group Schedule (6 week session) :
From January 10th to March 6th 

- Youth Performance & Competition Aerial Hoop Class (Approved Youth) on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00PM 

Price : 
Youth Performance & Competition Aerial Silks Class on Fridays ($225 Tax In if also registered in an Aerial class or $270 tax in if solely in this class)

Youth Performance & Competition Acrobatics/Partner Acrobatics Class on Fridays ($225 tax in if also registered in an Acrobatics class or $270 tax in if solely in this class)

- Youth Performance & Competition Aerial Hoop Class on Tuesdays ($270 tax in)


This is a unique Circus competition held outside of Montreal that will be running 1-2 of them next year. Festi FLiP offers the opportunity of skill swaps and learning with a diverse amount of workshops taught by world class performers and teachers. Handstands - Hoola Hoops - Trampoline - Clowning & physicality - Aerials (silks, hoop), Acrobatics and more. This last year the competition was late May but we have spoken to the directors who plan to run 2 competitions throughout the year. 


Inspire Dance Challenge @ The Academy Circus (London ON) :

This is a unique competition of the "Inspire Dance Challenge" events as it is held at a Circus facility with rigging similar to ours. Due to this they are adding a Silks category (21ft climbing height) because of the unique opportunity the venue provides. The competitions offer Acrobatic Dance (eg. Acrobatic Arts ground technique) as a separate category, as well as Aerial Acrobatics (eg. Aerial Arts, Hoop, silks, weggsphere etc). This competition runs next year from May 3-5 2024.


Pole and Aerial Canadian Competition (Montreal, QC) : 

Offering Aerial Silks, Sling and Hoop competition opportunities on a national platform. The March 23-24, 2024 Montreal competition is a pre-qualifier for the June 15-16th National Championships. 


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