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Body, Mind and Crew Dynamics Staff Workshops

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Difficulty : Moderate

Three unique experiences to help your staff grow in one fun-filled package :

CORPORATE BODIES : Correct, Protect, Develop

We aim to help your staff uncover the mistakes that are increasing physical wear and tear in their 21st century lifestyles and within workplace conditions. This HANDS ON seminar will have your crew feel any imbalances they are facing and begin to understand how to tackle the root causes, all while developing more positive practices. I am bringing in my specialized knowledge of bodyweight mobility isolation to focus on what most have never prioritized, our feet, ankles, hips and gait control to give them the primal mobility they should have always had.

BREATH CONTROL For Workplace Performance

No matter your staff’s background in breathing techniques, we have a workshop catered for newcomers and avid breathers alike. Our breath-work program was developed to integrate strategic in-office exercises, functional breathing patterns and breath-holding techniques to target remedy for anxiety, sleep dysfunction and workplace burnout. Bringing controlled functional breathing inside the office gives participants an opportunity to let go of their own daily stress and maintain grounding. As a result they learn to reconnect them to themselves, which helps them reach their highest potential and peak performance.

CREW DYNAMICS Special Ops Simulation

We want to highlight and uncover the dynamics between your crew under various unique pressures. In our simulation staff are assigned both hero and villain roles. Heroes will need to work together with the large information network given to avoid detection and overcome barriers, while communicating both off-site as well as inside the hostile labyrinth. Villains must work together with less available resources in terms of information; however they are equipped with Velcro projectiles and are on the hunt in the visually depreciated environment. Every staff member will have a chance to try every role which will allow them to highlight their strengths, weaknesses and how they work with others in both states.

Please inquire for schedule availability and pricing suited to your organizations size and needs.


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