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Acquapole® Classes

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Difficulty : Moderate

Come have a splashing good time and discover a workout that feels to good to be true. 

Our Acquapole stainless-steel pole attaches to a fiberglass base with suction cups that adhere to the pool bottom to allow participants to maneuver safely in class with little to no movement of the apparatus.  This exercise's buoyancy creates a low impact environment on the joints and increases muscular resistance to add to the benefits for your body.  

Acquapole® training blends music and movement to train and build strength and cardio-respiratory endurance. Engage core muscles & grip strength with Isometric Holds as well as arms and legs through dynamic exercises in almost every workout. 

Our 8 week bootcamps use various apparatuses and configurations to offer 8 completely unique workouts. The 8 week Bootcamp - Push N' Pole, AquaBoxing, Elastic Pole, Pole Up Progressions, Advanced Inverts, Bungee Boxing, Advanced Pole & AquaCircuit.

We have partnered with The City of Timmins to offer indoor ACQUAPOLE® classes. We will soon release registrations details and a schedule for our upcoming Spring session. 


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