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Private Outdoor Pool 5 Week AcquaBootcamp® Participant

Private Outdoor Pool 5 Week AcquaBootcamp® Participant


Book your spot ahead of time for your 5 Week AcquaBootcamp®! Every class will be a new challenge adding various accessories to the poles (Pole, Boxing, Elastic Band, T-Bar, Fusion CIrcuit).

This stainless-steel pole attaches to a fiberglass base with suction cups that adhere to the pool bottom to allow participants to maneuver safely in class with little to no movement of the apparatus.

Acquapole® training blends music and movement to train and build strength and cardio-respiratory endurance. Engage core muscles & grip strength with Isometric Holds as well as arms and legs through dynamic exercises in almost every workout.

The T-Bar attachment, which mounts at the top of the pole, allows you to expand exercises for the upper body.

The Elastic Pole attachment; which utilizes rubberized resistance, allows you to train specific muscle groups or perform unique exercises.

The Boxing Bag attachment brings the challenge of boxing based movements that offer less joint strain as well as brings a cushion for abdominal exercises with wrapped legs.

The Fusion Circuit combines previous elements plus adds an horizontal bar for a new plane of conditioning. The ultimate cross-training class!

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