Drop-In Class : Rec & Competitive Ninja (Ages 6-9/10+)

Length : 1 Hour
Runs: Thursdays 7:00-8:30PM
This class is to prepare their skills and strength to prepare them for future competition opportunities if they choose to. This also integrates the fun elements of ninja and so can incorporate everyone. 
Each week we work on different obstacles building strength, endurance, and most importantly confidence. They will learn the foundations of being a Ninja Warrior, such as safety techniques, running, jumping, explosive movements, tumbling, handstands, swinging, high flying releases, balance, agility, and of course beating the warped wall. 
FOR THE FALL : We invite both our students of all ages who have the focus, endurance and dedication to building their strength to apply to our competitive team. 
If seeing Ninja Warrior on TV inspired your child to join our classes then they will love our competitive team. We travel across Ontario to regional competitions to give your children and our coaches the chance to move up the ranks and stages of the Canadian Ninja League. Yes your child can try to compete all the way to nationals! * Please note for this session the current comp season ended this winter and will resume in the Fall. * 
Parents please email us at timminsfa@gmail.com with your child's name and to express their interest. We know your children by now to know if they are either ready or they can confirm to us they will be ready to work hard, listen and not hinder on the other comp students. Fees cover the comp classes but not the competition fees, those to be discussed when parents and students confirm if they choose to attend. 
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